8 Best Christmas Activities to Suit Your Student Budget

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Time to enjoy all your favourite pastimes now that the holiday season has here. But hold on! It’s your first time living away from home and attending a new college. Is snow even present? It’s normal to miss family rituals if you’re away from home for the holiday while attending college. However, as a college student, you have the freedom to create your own traditions and mark the occasion in fresh and fun ways, such as by making a sustainable Christmas tree or a homemade dreidel garland. Get ready for these expert tips from Discount Codes UK on how to celebrate the holiday season on a student’s budget by pulling out your ugly sweater, grabbing some hot cocoa, and more.


Host a secret Santa

A secret Santa is a fun way to exchange gifts without having to buy presents for everyone. Place a piece of paper with each person’s name on it in a hat. Each roommate should draw a name and buy a gift for that person under the table. Discuss with your roommates how much you can each afford to spend on the other.


Limit your travel plans 

If you need to fly around Christmas, make sure to make your reservations in advance because this is typically the most costly period of the year to travel. If you’re using the train, keep in mind that avoiding the busiest times will save you money and allow you to avoid the worst of the crowds. Engineering work causes frequent delays and reduced service for trains during the Christmas season. In other words, avoid travelling as much as you can, put on your favourite holiday movie or music, and curl up by the fire to unwind. Additionally, there are many YouTube fireplace videos if you need access to a real fire.


Avoid the pub 

Even though it would be tempting to skip the dishes and have Christmas dinner at the local bar, our research indicates that doing it yourself might save you up to £20. Once you take into account extras like starters, introductory wines, and service fees, a pub supper typically costs roughly £25 per person. If you’re not sure how to prepare a roast supper, give your parents a call right away or refer to these YouTube instructions. Even if you botch it up, group cooking typically fosters solid relationships and lots of laughs.


Spend the night in

It makes sense to forgo a night out in favour of one spent curled up on the couch as the nights grow chillier and the cost of alcohol rises. Settle in to enjoy a traditional holiday favourite like Home Alone. Alternatively, if any of your housemates have a Netflix subscription, you could laugh until you cry at the streaming service’s most recent holiday comedy.


Make use of student discounts. 

Use student discounts to your advantage if you want to make it through Christmas without going broke. With well-known retailers offering discounts of up to 10% or other special offers, use your student ID to purchase discounted presents for your loved ones. Make the most of this opportunity to plan your spending by compiling a list of the best Christmas deals. As you typically receive 10–20% off, the savings are simple to calculate and will accumulate.


Decorate the house

Nothing is more disjointed than the walls of your residence hall with peeling paint. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit at university, you’ll need some decorations. But instead of spending money on baubles and tinsel, which can be just as bad for the environment as they are for your wallet, why not make inexpensive and straightforward DIY decorations from the recyclable materials you already have lying around your dorm?


Steer clear of expensive shops 

Once you’ve prioritised your wish list and determined your spending limit, stay on course and resist temptation. Avoid window displays since they are intended to tempt you. If you have some extra money, it’s best to wait to buy a treat until Boxing Day or New Year’s sales. And to make sure you get the best deal, always compare online prices to those on the high street.


Bake candy cane ornaments 

Utilise the non-edible candy canes that were left over from last year’s festivities to create your upcoming tree decoration. Use a cookie cutter to shape the candy into the festive shape of your choice after simply baking the candy in the oven until it is moldable. At the piece’s top, drill a hole, allow it to dry, and then wrap a ribbon around it. And there you have it—your very own tree decoration for the price of some Christmas candy you forgot to buy last year!



Stress around Christmas might be exacerbated by financial concerns. By making a budget and planning ahead for Christmas, you may reduce stress and take pleasure in the season without worrying about debt. Avoid falling for the marketing of excessive holiday spending; it’s simply unneeded and may have adverse effects on your finances and mental health. DiscountCodesUK can help you find the Best Christmas Deals UK and keep your spending at a low all year round.

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